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What is Crisomet? Crisomet (Lamotrigine) is an anticonvulsant used alone or with other medicines to treat seizure disorders. Use of lamotrigine in children age 2 to 15 years of age is restricted to those having certain types of seizures (partial or Lennox-Gastaut type). Lamotrigine is also used in bipolar disorder to reduce the occurrence of mood problems. A doctor may prescribe Crisomet (Lamotrigine) for additional conditions. More information about Crisomet...

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Also known as: Lamictal, Lamitor, Lamotriginum, Lamotrigine (generic name).
In Mexico: Lamotrigina.

A brand of Crisomet labelled as Lamictal Dc and Lamitor are at Freedom Pharmacy

MedicationStrengthQuantityPriceFreedom Pharmacy
Lamictal Dc100 mg30 tablets$113.82Order
Lamictal Dc100 mg90$277.01Order
Lamictal Dc200 mg30 tablets$113.82Order
Lamictal Dc200 mg90$277.01Order
Lamitor25 mg100 tablets$83.10Order
Lamitor50 mg100 tablets$138.50Order
Lamitor100 mg100 tablets$301.94Order

A brand of Crisomet labelled as Dezepil Disp, Labileno produced by Smithkline Beecham Farma, Lamictal made by Glaxosmithkline, Lamo-Q produced by Juta Pharma / Q-Pharm, Lamotrigin made by Teva, Aristo Pharma, Mylan Dura, Aurobindo Pharma, Abz Pharma, Axcount Generika, and Dexcel Pharma, Lamotrigina produced by Laboratorios Aurobindo, S.L.U and Korhispana, and Lamotrigine are at Goldpharma

Dezepil Disp50 mg30 tablets$9.25Order
Dezepil Disp100 mg30 tablets$11.34Order
Dezepil Disp200 mg30 tablets$24.98Order
Dezepil Disp250 mg30 tablets$7.63Order
Labileno25 mg56 tablets$18.12Order
Labileno50 mg56 tablets$31.66Order
Lamictal2 mg30 tablets$20.24Order
Lamictal5 mg42 tablets$20.53Order
Lamictal50 mg42 tablets$24.31Order
Lamictal50 mg98 tablets$35.11Order
Lamictal50 mg196 tablets$61.66Order
Lamictal100 mg196 tablets$109.08Order
Lamictal200 mg196 tablets$208.86Order
Lamictal Dis/Ch5 mg30 tablets$5.61Order
Lamo-Q100 mg50 tablets$28.31Order
Lamo-Q200 mg200 tablets$156.17Order
Lamotrigin5 mg50 tablets$20.58Order
Lamotrigin25 mg50 tablets$20.48Order
Lamotrigin25 mg100 tablets$22.35Order
Lamotrigin25 mg200 tablets$26.00Order
Lamotrigin50 mg100 tablets$30.59Order
Lamotrigin50 mg200 tablets$45.86Order
Lamotrigin100 mg100 tablets$43.28Order
Lamotrigin100 mg200 tablets$71.54Order
Lamotrigin200 mg50 tablets$37.92Order
Lamotrigin Atid50 mg50 tablets$23.85Order
Lamotrigin Atid200 mg100 tablets$69.57Order
Lamotrigina5 mg56 tablets$10.22Order
Lamotrigina25 mg21 tablets$10.22Order
Lamotrigina25 mg42 tablets$14.76Order
Lamotrigina Genkern100 mg56 tablets$53.33Order
Lamotrigine25 mg30 tablets$8.29Order

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Crisomet - HealthCare News

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